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Many credit cards offer a variety of ways to rack up bonus points with daily spending. It’s all about knowing the right card to get that fits into your budget and lifestyle. Travel credit cards in particular tend to carry high annual fees, but they offer cardholders the opportunity to earn points to redeem for rewards.

Western Direct Marketing for United was the first to cultivate the idea of a frequent-flier program in 1972. In 1979, Texas International Airlines created the concept that used mileage-tracking to present as rewards to customers.

Today, points can be accumulated through reward or loyalty programs, which were originally designed for business travelers, or through a credit card’s cash-back option. It’s important for potential cardholders to know which cards may be worth it when it comes to considering perks and benefits.

Reward points offer incentives when consumers make purchases through select categories such as dining, travel, gas, and more. Miles are usually rewarded when making travel-related purchases through a travel credit card or via a loyalty program. Frequent travelers may prefer booking through select travel sites to earn points or enroll in loyalty programs.

Hotel Engine, a hotel booking service with a travel rewards program, compiled a list of ways people can make the most of rewards points when traveling and the types of cards that may be more beneficial to budgets.

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