301 Redirects Are Not Links according to Google – Here’s Why

Are 301 Redirects Any Good To Use?

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Google’s John Mueller pointed out that although 301 redirects are generally never viewed by Google.com as web links, the back-links aiming to the rerouted web page may go through to the web-page.

However, “301s are mainly utilized as canonical functions” with the search engine, this person mentioned.

John published in Twitter, “No, we would not count [a 301 redirect] as a backlink.” “It’s a lot more a helper by selecting the canonical WEBSITE ADDRESS across a collection of URLs,” the guy added.

John added, “Nonetheless, web links to the rerouting LINK might be viewed as hyperlinks to the redirection target.”

Below is the tweet:

Right now we can absolutely enter into the argument regarding 301s successfully pass link juice compared to 302s, and so forth…

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