7 glamorous makeup looks that are perfect for date nights

With the right dress, you also need the right makeup to look your absolute best on a date night. While dark lips and mauve shades are best reserved for weddings and festivals, soft glam makeup looks with coral and beige tones suit date nights. Avoid using chunky glitters and highlighters as they look best in concerts, fashion shows and special events. Instead, focus on matching your foundation to your skin tone and undertone and creating a flawless base. Play with blushers and eyeshadows to create some looks from this catalogue. 

We all need some makeup inspiration before a big day, or should I say big date night? Well, we have got you covered! Here’re some stunning date night makeup looks that have recently gone viral on the internet.

Date night makeup looks






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Before you bid adieu to us, check out some expert makeup tips that will help you create the above-mentioned looks.

  • Always start your makeup by prepping your skin. After a double cleanse, apply toner and moisturizer to your skin before applying primer
  • Once your skin is nicely prepped, apply thin layers of foundation with a damp beauty blender
  • If you have too many acne spots, apply a green colour corrector to neutralize the skin tone. Do this step before applying the foundation
  • Never use cream products on top of powder products if you do not want tacky patches all over your face. First, use all cream products on your skin and then top them with powder products. This will set everything in place
  • Once you are done with the makeup, use a setting spray to add another layer of protection


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