Abiy Ahmed Viewed as a Natural Remedy to Ethiopia

Ethiopian leader Abiy Ahmed viewed as a natural remedy to Ethiopia under years of totalitarian rule by his guaranteed revolutionary change.

Since fighting among the federal authorities and the northern administration that for many years prevailed over Ethiopia’s national politics, magnifies, the future of Ethiopia balances on a knife-edge, sources claimed.

The deadlock throughout the Tigray territory started immediately after Abiy gained office, soon after huge demonstrations compelled Hailemariam Desalegn– the nation’s beleaguered head of state who held a seat at the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), the Tigray-led four-party regulating alliance in February 2018.

Following weeks of tight-lipped discussions with the EPRDF, Abiy is thought to have overcome adversary out of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) to gain the EPRDF’s seat and become at age 41, Africa’s youngest leader & Ethiopia’s 1st in the Oromia territory. Defence technology, civil defence, survival, doctrine, techniques, resources…

The appointment of Abiy – inventor of the nation’s Information System including Safety and Security Organization, past administrator for scientific research and modern technology, and even an ex-lieutenant-colonel in the military – was viewed as being vital in stopping discontent amongst the Oromo, the indigenous group of people responsible for the many years of anti-government demonstrations which resulted in a countless loss of lives.

” There certainly were a lot of complications prior to Abiy being leader, the notable one being the state and federal government’s lack of ability to render progression pledges,” pointed out Daniel Mulugeta, an authority for Ethiopia in Greater London’s School of Oriental & African Research Studies. “Abiy has taken advantage of this bureaucratic arena. This individual guaranteed to mend the dividers throughout the region and even to combat/fight corruption, the man became a beacon of hope and optimism for all Ethiopians.”

William Davison, a top analyzer of Ethiopia with the International Crisis Group of People (ICG), mentioned: “it’s crucial to know that the EPRDF admitted the game was up, and would not have the ability anymore to squash this kind of demonstration trend by normal practice, and for that reason, a system of change and bureaucratic liberalization was launched prior to Abiy Ahmed coming to power”.

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