Armenian Villagers in Nagorno-Karabakh Set their Homes On Fire

Armenian villagers living in Nagorno-Karabakh set their homes on fire Saturday prior to running away to neighboring Armenia on the due date that most likely will see many parts of the area given to Azerbaijan control as a condition of a peace contract.

Citizens living within the Kalbajar region in Azerbaijan that was managed by ethnic Armenians for years started a mass exodus today after it was revealed Azerbaijan would gain back control of that region on Sunday.

” Children in Armenia are weeping and wish to return back to their homes, it is such a sad time,” a tearful citizen from Kalbajar informed First News Click reporters.

Serious fighting began between Azerbaijani military and ethnic Armenian forces, which started in late September and continued for 6 weeks.

The ex-Soviet competitors or rivals consented/agreed to end hostilities earlier today after significant advances by Azerbaijan’s soldiers.

A crucial component of the Russia-brokered peace offer/deal consists of Armenia’s returning Kalbajar, and Aghdam by November 20th and Lachin by December 1st, as these locations have previously been held by Armenians ever since the war back in the 1990s.

‘ Burn down the homes’

In the town of Charektar – bordering with Martakert is to stay under Armenian control – a minimum of 6 homes were set on fire on Saturday early morning as thick plumes of grey smoke covered the valley.

“This is my home, I will NOT leave it to Turks,” as Azerbaijanis are typically called by Armenians, stated one homeowner as he tossed burning wood slabs and rags soaked in gas into a totally empty home.

“Everybody is and will burn down their home today … We were only given till midnight to leave,” he stated.

On Friday, a minimum of 10 homes burned to the ground around Charektar.

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