Authoritarian Kamala Harris is the Winner

Authoritarian Kamala Harris

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Joe Biden made it official on Tuesday that he had chosen Authoritarian Kamala Harris to become his running buddy/mate in this presidential race.

Harris features an extensive authoritarian past history regarding criminal justice troubles. Certainly, there were a number of sneaking suspicion that should Biden succeed, he will list Harris as attorney general.

As the United States’ number one sheriff, Harris would have the power to execute or do far more harm than as vice president.

The problem is that it places Harris next in line to the presidency should something happen to Biden and even sets her up perfectly for a foreseeable future presidential continuance.

The Authoritarian Kamala Harris choice is rather unexpected

Gossip had it that Biden had not absolved Harris’ ambiguous abusing performance in the course of the Democratic prospect discussions of last year, and prominent operatives were recommended not to pick her as a result of it.

Additionally, Harris – that functioned as a prosecutor within San Francisco as well as attorney general of The golden state of California prior to ending up being a politician back in 2016 – has a distressing/troubled background when it pertains to law-and-order issues, and is disliked for it by younger left-of-center electorates; she regularly chose to shield police decisions and stall reform in The golden state of California, she went OVER the and above the minimal requirements of her duty being the region’s leading policeman. That’s a certain drawback as American neighborhoods are still flaring up with demonstrations over law enforcement violence & calls for criminal justice change.

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