Bumby stock track is likely to over: USA Truck, Inc. (NASDAQ: USAK)

On Friday, USA Truck, Inc. (NASDAQ: USAK) stock disclosed a move of -37.43% away from 50 day moving average and -55.80% away from 200 day moving average. Moving closer, we can see that shares have been trading -16.51% away off 20-day moving average. USAK over recent time; they noted that 36714 shares changed at hands contradiction to its average trading volume of 55.6K. The stock changed -9.46% to recent value of $3.35. There are 6.76M shares outstanding and 6.76M shares are floated in market.

USAT Capacity Solutions (USAK) recently reported that USAT has selected FourKites as its exclusive real-time freight visibility partner. USAT chose FourKites for its advanced technology, predictive insights and the superior real-time visibility data afforded by the world’s largest network of shippers (380+) and their broker and carrier partners.

“Our goal as a company is to drive growth through excellent consumer experiences. FourKites has helped in that effort by giving us access to the industry’s richest set of supply chain data across all of our service offerings,” stated George Henry, SVP of Logistics, USAT Capacity Solutions. “Using the FourKites Visibility Cloud, FourKites’ Partner Hub and Lane Connect, we can now run a smarter and more efficient operation, while simultaneously improving service levels for our shipping consumers. We’re already seeing marked improvements in onboarding, on-time delivery, dwell, utilization, and consumer satisfaction – and we’re just getting started.”

You invest to earn a return on your money, but returns are not the only consideration. Risk and return are connected. Generally, the higher the risk of an investment, the higher the potential return.  Here beta – measures how the stock is doing compared to a given benchmark, such as the S&P TSX Composite Index. A beta of 1.0 tells you that a stock has been going up and down with the overall stock market. A stock with a beta between 0.0 and 1.0 has smaller ups and downs. A beta greater than 1.0 has wider price swings. Stocks with a negative beta are moving opposite to the index. When you invest in a stock, you could lose all of your money – in some cases, more than you invested. Before you buy a stock, understand the risks and decide if they are risks you are comfortable taking.  Currently USAK has beta value of 1.69.

USAK shares are at -54.11% for the quarter and driving a -76.75% return over the course of the past year and is now at -55.03% since this point in 2019. The average volatility for the week and month was at -14.97% and -36.91% respectively.


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