Cairo Hosts Talks Between Hamas and Fatah

Ramallah: Hamas and Fatah resumed talks in Cairo that will be focused on ending the conflict between the two sides and accomplishing unity.

Abdulatif al-Qanoua, the Hamas spokesperson in Gaza, informed press reporters on Monday that the two delegations assembled on Monday afternoon in Cairo to continue their reconciliation discussion that has now been going on for more than a month, reports Xinhua news agency.

” We will work to get rid of the challenges and resolve a few of the existing issues, and we are all interested in the success of our course of reconciliation,” al-Qanoua stated.

Previously on Monday, Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Ishtaye informed the cabinet in an online conference that a Fatah delegation would head to Cairo to go over elections with the Hamas.

” I want to accelerate an arrangement on setting a date for holding successive and inclusive elections for the Legislative Council and the Presidency to reinforce democratic life and end of internal battles,” Ishtaye stated.

After Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip in 2007, an internal political and geographical department over administrative, monetary, and security problems have stayed and continues to be violent and disruptive between the two sides regardless of a series of Arab and global mediation.

In March 2018, then Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah made it through just barely when his convoy arrived in Gaza, a bomb exploded near his motorcade, an event that was blamed on Hamas.

In spite of a history of strife, Fatah and Hamas just recently revealed their arrangement to put differences aside.

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