Can The SpaceX Starship Save Humanity From Extinction?

spacex starship test flight A Success

Sending a rocket to space is not a big deal anymore, but landing it on earth without turning it into pieces was a challenge for the SpaceX Starship.

Even NASA was unable to reach this milestone of landing a rocket from space safely, however, SpaceX managed to do just that under the leadership of visionary Elon Musk.

Although in doing so Elon Musk and SpaceX reached the brink of bankruptcy, yet his passion finally paid off in 2017, and now they are the only ones in the world who reached this capability.

That is the reason we will discuss how SpaceX can send people to colonize Mars and why SpaceX is a better option as compared to NASA.

The first thing SpaceX achieved is it decreased the cost of utilizing rockets with the help of reusing them. Till now, once a rocket flies into space the only option left was its destruction, because there was no landing system for rockets.

Elon Musk noted this issue for the spaceX starship test flight 

The major thing that was increasing the cost of space travel was making a rocket that will be used once. Elon Musk gave an example in one of his interviews that imagines if an air-plane is used only once than what will be the price of a ticket of the flight? The same issue was being faced in space travel, and the only option was to use the rocket again, and again, and for this purpose, it was compulsory to send the rocket safely to earth once it does its work in space.

That was the target in mind of Elon Musk when he invested all his fortune into SpaceX to reuse the rocket over & over, hence resulting in the decrease of space travel.

SpaceX tried time and time again as their rockets kept blowing-up and cash kept on exhausting.

Although from every attempt they were making the process more accurate and they were advancing the technology.

When they were about to go belly up, their rocket again blew up while landing back to earth and they faced a tough decision, pack up, or used their last resources.

SpaceX was at that point could afford only one more attempt to do it before fully ruing the company. They took the chance and succeeded. After they did it, all the world came to the rescue of this company, and NASA awarded billions to SpaceX.

Now they are working hard to colonize Mars and it is estimated that humans will colonize it before 2050. The day humans will become multi-planet specie will be the day when the chances of human extinction will decrease significantly.

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