Canada calls skilled workers in health and education sectors

With Canada opening ‘skilled-based draw system’ for Express Entry (EE) for the first time mainly for the provinces in several sectors from the new year, at least four provinces – British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Manitoba – have invited applications from potential aspirants for the provincial immigration which included skilled workers in several categories mentioned in the list of 16 new occupations added in Express Entry recently by the Canadian government.

With this announcement, a large number of skilled workers mainly in the field of education and healthcare from Punjab have geared up to apply and fly to their dream destination abroad. Also, Canada immigration consultants in Punjab are flooded with queries regarding this.

Under this skilled system even if one scores fewer points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which was mandatory earlier for the Express Entry and difficult to achieve in several cases, one can get eligible for the Express Entry under skilled-based draw, say experts.

“Canadian provincial invitation and invitation under federal system is now focusing on the skilled-based draws which will make several aspirants eligible despite having fewer points under CRS. They need skilled immigrants who can give a boost to their economy. Simply put, they are concentrating on the quality of immigrants under the new draw system,” Gurpreet Singh, a Kapurthala-based consultant, says, adding that no doubt the Express Entry was available under the Canadian federal system as well as the provisional system earlier too, but now Canada is making some changes in the draw system which would be occupation-based.

“For instance, if one is not able to meet CRS criteria, but is skilful in a particular job which is high in demand in any of Canada’s provinces then that person can get through under Express Entry under both federal and provincial invitation from the new year,” says Gurpreet Singh.

There is a huge demand for both nurses and doctors in the healthcare sector, which was under huge stress during the Covid pandemic, and if one qualifies under this programme with the required experience they can get an invitation from both provinces and the Canadiangovernment under their respective programmes, says Gurpreet Singh.

Another consultant Narpat Babbar of Jupiter Academy says that they are getting a large number of queries regarding the provincial invitation, but at the moment they are studying the new laws carefully so that they can properly help the aspirants.

“No doubt, there is a huge scope for skilled workers in Canada now,” Narpat Babbar says, adding that there is a huge demand for skilled workers in several sectors, including dental, pharmacy, elementary and secondary schools (teacher assistants), construction sector, heavy transportation, food industry, etc.

Another consultant says that people with these required skills must make use of this opportunity by filling out their application in a very careful manner, and if they do so, their entry is for sure.

A Jalandhar-based teacher of a private school who has already applied for Express Entry said that she has an experience of 12 years of teaching English in a reputed school, but her salary is not even Rs 16,000.

“How one can survive with such a meagre salary under prevailing inflation. So I gave a thought to migrate to Canada and applied for it,” she said, adding that she is hopeful of sailing through. Several of her colleagues are also thinking about it now, she said.

“Under the skilled-based draw system, the Canadian government wants to increase the regional programmes as the government there has already made it clear that it would work with provinces for the skill-based draws for those provinces where there is a demand for people in different sectors,” another consultant said, adding that the provinces are also inviting applications on the same lines now.

“Canada and its provinces want to invite more and more skilled people and don’t have any qualms about making changes in its immigration policy now and then to meet the shortage of labour,” another consultant said, adding that people are making a beeline for the Canada immigration consultants now.

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