Catalonia to Start Large Scale Screening for COVID-19

COVID-19 Forced Testing to start soon

The spokesperson for the Catalan Executive and Presidential Ministry,  Meritxell Budo,  announced Large Scale Screening for COVID-19  and testing at Catalan research centers of  170,000 people for the virus at a cost, charged to the Catalan administration, of 1, 4 million. “The lack of confinement,” Budo has pointed out, “involves large-scale screening of the population.”

For its part, the ‘counselor’ of Salut,  Alba Verges, added that Catalonia has already carried out more than 75,000 PCR tests  (the result of which takes a few hours to become known) and that it has purchased 1.8 million masks,  4.1 million gowns, 4.4 million FFP2 masks, more than two million gloves, and some 200,000 glasses.

In Catalan territory, there are currently  1,529 patients with coronavirus found in  ICU.

The Government has also announced that it has commissioned the researcher  Oriol Mitja to prepare a report to serve as the basis for implementing the scientific and technical strategy and to assess public health measures to control infection and restore social and economic activity once the current state of confinement is exceeded.

 This report is scheduled to be delivered to the President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra,  in 15 days.

At the proposal of Torra himself, Mitja has been appointed as advisor to the President in this matter, who will not receive any remuneration nor will he receive money for attending the meetings derived from this, nor will he be entitled to any type of other compensation.

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