Challenging Israel Over its Treatment of Palestinians

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The United States will identify the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) project, which is challenging Israel over its treatment of Palestinians, as “anti-Semitic”, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated, calling the move “cancer”.

Washington “will regard the worldwide anti-Israel BDS project as anti-Semitic … We wish to stand with all other countries that acknowledge the BDS motion for cancer it is,” Pompeo stated in a joint visit with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Thursday.

The BDS project is a non-violent people-led movement that intends to financially press Israel into supplying/giving equal rights to Palestinians and the right to go back to Palestine.

Modeled on the anti-apartheid in South Africa, it has actually motivated individuals around the globe to boycott organizations and cultural organizations that have either a direct or indirect association with Israel.

This consists of businesses connected with unlawful Jewish settlements, those that supply services to businesses making use of natural deposits or resources from Palestinian land, and those that utilize/use Palestinians as low-cost labor.

The UN human rights department has now determined that more than 200 businesses connected straight or indirectly to prohibited settlements, mainly from Israel and the United States as well as Germany and the Netherlands.

They consist of banking and tourist companies, along with building and innovation firms.

Pompeo, who remains in Israel as part of his last/final Middle East tour as the United States secretary of state, likewise stated that he would go to Golan Heights, an area Israel took from Syria in the 1967 war.

“Today I’ll have the opportunity to see the Golan Heights,” he stated in Jerusalem early Thursday – a declaration that marked a break from previous United States administrations’ policy.

“The acknowledgment of this as part of Israel, too, was a move President Trump made in 2019 that is traditionally crucial, and just an acknowledgment of truth,” he stated.

In March of 2015, Trump acknowledged the Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights when he signed a decree with Netanyahu at the White House.

The relocation was condemned by the worldwide leaders who do not acknowledge the land grab, while Syria called it an “outright attack” on its sovereignty.

Pompeo will be the very first United States secretary of state ever to check out the Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank on Thursday.

The anticipated visit to the Psagot winery would be another significant at by the Trump administration – which sees such settlement business as unlawful.

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