China denies cover-up allegations about Corona Virus

The world is pointing fingers to china for its role in the spread of the deadly disease of COVID-19.

Recently, China has revised the death toll in the city of Wuhan by almost 50% after the pressure of transparency from the world.

The local government of Wuhan has added 1290 fatalities in the previously reported 2,579 deaths. Now the new figures showing the death toll in Wuhan are 3,869 which is almost 50% up from previously reported figures.

The revision in figures comes after huge skepticism within and outside of China regarding the real death toll in the City of Wuhan. Yesterday, the city took steps to come back to normal life and thousands of people were seen to receive the cremated remains of their loved ones.

US President has openly criticized the role of China and the World Health Organization in the spread of COVID-19.

The US President expressed the will to send a team to China to investigate the coronavirus. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization is requesting not to politicize the matter as the world needs a united stand against a common enemy.

The French President, Emmanuel Macros, has also raised questions on the handling of the outbreak by China. While giving his latest interview to Financial Times, he said: “Let’s not be so naïve as to say it has been much better at handling this”. He also raised the concerns that there are things that happened in China which we don’t know about.

China is responding to mounting pressure in every possible way. In a recent phone call by the Chinese leader Xi Jinping to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, the Chinese leader said that politicizing the pandemic was “detrimental to international cooperation”. The news agencies from China reported that the Russian President said that attempts by some individuals to smear China are unacceptable for Russia as well.


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