China Implicated America of Creating Stress

America of Creating Stress Said China

China has actually implicated America in attempting to create stress amongst powers that have stakes in the South China Sea.

The rebuke follows Washington officially turned down China’s territorial claims in the area on behalf of United States allies.

In a strongly-worded declaration on Tuesday, the Chinese Embassy in the United States asked that Washington keep its distance from conflicts between Beijing and other countries declaring sovereignty over territorial waters and islets in the South China Sea.

“We suggest that the United States honor its dedication/agreement of not taking sides on the problem of territorial sovereignty, regard local nations’ efforts for a tranquil and steady South China Sea, and stop its efforts to interfere with and screw up local peace and stability,” the embassy stated.

Apart from China, the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Brunei have each claimed the location.

The United States Secretary Mike Pompeo said that china’s territorial claims in the area as being “totally illegal” on Monday. Implicating Beijing of trampling on worldwide law, Pompeo described the July 2016 decision of the Arbitral Tribunal that ruled in favor of the Philippines under the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

While both Beijing and Manila were not part of the convention, the United States has not validated it, and for that reason has no say in the application of the pact, the Chinese Embassy stated.

Under the pretext of protecting stability, the US is actually flexing its muscles, stimulating or creating the stress, and prompting conflict in the area, Sources said.

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