Cognizant Attacked by Maze Ransomware Says Today’s News of Canada

Today's News of Canada

Today’s News of Canada pointed out that when it comes to consultation and tech companies one name cannot be skipped and it is Cognizant. But recently news broke that Cognizant faced Ransomware attack.

Shocking news for all Cognizant lovers but at the same time, some started questioning how such a big name became the prey of the ransomware virus?

It is to be noted that Cognizant is a multinational company with a net worth of 16 billion dollars and headquartered in New Jersey, United States. MS Health is the parent organization of cognizant.

The company has a great name/reputation in the world of tech, employing 289,900 thus making it one of the biggest organizations in its field.

However, according to today’s news of Canada, this giant company was hit by ransomware causing service distortion for its users. Cognizant revealed that “it was a cyber-attack that caused this”.

Has Maze Ransomware accepted the responsibility?

 The company also holds an agreement with Facebook. The company has clients in more than 80 countries earning more than then16.8-billion-dollars last year which makes it among the top IT companies. No the less, official Spokesman of cognizant Richard Lacroix declined to provide details or comment on this topic as they are investigating the issue and don’t want this to be highlighted to the world, still, today’s business news headlines are talking about the Cognizantcyber-attack.

According to the mainstream media news, Cognizant has been attacked by Maze, which is created especially for attacking servers. Saying that, If the user won’t pay the money, then it will publicly show all the information to the world, which causes deep damage to the company’s privacy, but maze has not yet revealed any information about the Cognizant.

FBI has also warned businesses about the increased Ransomware attacks in the world.

After the warning, big names were hit by this attack, including big accounting giant MNP. The interesting fact is that Maze Ransomware has not yet accepted the responsibility for this attack. Threat analyst, Brett Callow said to the media that “it does not mean that Maze has not done this if they don’t accept/confirm it”.

Callow further said that “perhaps Cognizant is negotiating price with Maze” and for that reason, they have not yet revealed the data of Cognizant.

Whatever the truth is, the point is, if ransomware can attack such a Tech giant then it can attack any server. 


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