Comedy, romance, Jennifer Lopez, and pirates in ‘Shotgun Wedding’

Josh Duhamel was filming a scene within the new action-rom com ‘Shotgun Wedding’ by which his fiancé, performed by Jennifer Lopez, throws a grenade up within the air. He hits it like a baseball into a nasty man who blows up and units off a show of rainbow-colored fireworks.

“I was like, holy (expletive) this movie is bonkers,” Duhamel stated.

The movie, directed by Jason Moore, begins out like an everyday romantic comedy. Lopez’s Darcy and Duhamel’s Tom are having an enormous vacation spot marriage ceremony on an island. There’s humorous and awkward household dynamics and a charismatic ex-boyfriend reveals up too. And Darcy and Tom discover themselves combating and about to name off the marriage moments earlier than they’re to stroll down the aisle. Then a band of pirates armed with weapons arrive and takes the marriage get together hostage.

Lopez, who produced and stars, got here to the Mark Hammer script via her producing accomplice Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, — they’ve been making movies collectively since ‘Maid in Manhattan.’

“She’s kind of the architect of careers,” Lopez stated. “We do really kind of think about not just what we want to do, but what the audience would enjoy or what the world needs at different times. I even do that as an artist with my albums and the things I want to put out in the world as a message.”

‘Shotgun Wedding,’ streaming Friday on Prime Video (Lionsgate Play in India), was not only a enjoyable style mash-up in a slick package deal. Jennifer Lopez appreciated the concept that her character was getting married for the primary time at an “older age” and that Tom was the “groomzilla,” obsessive about the small print and logistics of planning the fete.

It took, she stated, “Different things that people don’t think of as conventional and normal and making that thing regular and acceptable.”

The movie was not precisely a tough promote for anybody concerned. From Cheech Marin, who performs Darcy’s billionaire father, to Jennifer Coolidge, as Tom’s very regular Midwestern mom, everybody principally heard “Jennifer Lopez” and “Dominican Republic shoot” and signed up.

“It was a funny script,” Coolidge stated. “We had a table read at the very beginning and I remember it was such a good table read. I remember thinking, ‘Oh my God, this is going to be really fun.’”

There was a hitch earlier than they bought to the island. Armie Hammer had been initially set to play Tom however he stepped away from the challenge after misconduct allegations surfaced, which he has denied. They have been two weeks into prep and a pivotal position wanted to be recast. Moore, a Broadway veteran, didn’t panic.

“There’s always a moment when the understudy has to go on,” Moore stated. “It always works out. … There were a couple of days of ‘Oh boy’ and it yielded something even more wonderful.”

Duhamel had been on Moore’s shortlist and had been pleasant with Lopez for years.

“He’s an incredibly handsome 1940s movie star who’s not afraid to look vulnerable and silly,” Moore stated. Duhamel and Lopez spoke over Zoom and determined it was a go.

“You really do need a certain kind of chemistry,” Lopez stated. “This was not just romantic comedy chemistry. It’s more, you know, trusting each other and doing actions and doing stunts and also broad comedy. It was a lot.”

“It was so much better than I even imagined,” Lopez added. “We were just like right on the same wavelength.”

“They’re so fun to look at,” Coolidge stated. “You know, you want to see everything … you want to see them get together. You’re attracted to both people and then you watch them, you know, be attracted to each other.”

But after all pirates get in the way in which of a few of that, and likewise promptly drive the marriage friends to face in a pool as their hostages whereas they attempt to discover the combating bride and groom. It was plenty of time partially submerged in water with a couple of dozen different folks.

“I’m probably not supposed to say, but we didn’t change the water the whole time we were shooting,” stated Coolidge.

D’Arcy Carden, who performs Marin’s new-agey and far youthful girlfriend, stated these 20 some days have been slightly humbling.

Marin and Steve Coulter, who performed Coolidge’s husband, would even typically take naps of their soaking moist fits subsequent to at least one one other, of which Carden says she has photographic proof.

But except for soggy sneakers for 2 weeks, Carden stated it was “as dreamy a situation as you could be in.”

Much of the forged even lived collectively in an enormous home and would exit collectively most nights, which translated right into a family-like environment on set.

“It was like this weird sort of movie dorm,” Duhamel stated. “But with a spa and a hot tub and a pool and a beach.”

Lenny Kravitz, as Darcy’s ex-boyfriend, even flies in (in a helicopter) to disrupt issues.

“He’s an amplified sort of ridiculous version of, you know, a tiny part of what people think I am,” stated Kravitz, a longtime pal of Lopez’s.

Moore wished to ensure that the movie seemed “big and James Bond and lux. Sometimes action rom-coms can look kind of small,” he stated.

And all have been impressed by Lopez, who doesn’t act the “movie star” half on set. During a day filming scenes on a small boat within the open water, Lopez went into producer mode and determined they didn’t want an additional boat for her make-up particular person to be on the market with them. She might do her make-up herself. And she nailed it, Moore stated.

“She is a mogul and a producer and a storyteller, an actress, a singer and a brilliant physical comedienne,” Moore stated. “She’s got discipline and she’s got artistic finesse which is a wonderful combo. She really can do everything.”

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