The COVID-19 PANDEMIC has caused one of the biggest economic crises to Mankind. The whole world is quarantined and strict actions are being taken against anyone violating this rule.


Secretary-general UNTWO told media that COVID-19 has caused big damage to all sector but the tourism sector is deeply affected by this epidemic. World Tourism Organization further added that Millions of employees will lose their job due to a decrease in companies’ profit. The tourism industry is in great risk and countries like Macao, Maldives, and Aruba will face a lot of problems as their economy depends mainly on tourism. Mr. Maldives alone earns 2 billion dollars per year. Airlines have been closed and all businesses related to tourism.

 Almost 120 countries have shut down their borders to tourists including all superpowers. The shutdown started in January 2020 and all countries are implementing the complete ban to avoid any further spread of disease.


 It is to be noted that this virus started from one of the marketplaces in China, in Wuhan but at that time the world didn’t care about it and thus the virus reached 210 countries. According to today’s business news headline, there are a total of 2196109 cases in the world.

In response to this condition international organization has made strict laws to avoid further spread, similarly many countries have shut down their borders, airlines, and railways to stop this disease.

COVID-19 has caused deep damage to tourism and travel 

96% of the world tourist areas have introduced tourist restrictions not only has this government shifted its priorities to those countries which are spending more on the tourism industry, but they also cut it off and spend more on the health industry. Not only this, but 1 million people also lost their jobs, the airline industry alone lost 250 billion dollars and is still suffering.

UNWTO has requested all countries to lift travel restrictions when its safe to do. The organization has held multiple meetings with travel experts regarding the matter. According to the report, America and Europe have 92%,93% respectively followed the rule of restriction while other continents followed and shut down all their borders and airlines.

 All countries have adopted four main types of restrictive measures since this problem arose. These are complete or partially closing their borders as well as total or partial closure of travel airlines.

UNWTO assured us that it will continue to analyze travel restrictions and continue to play its role in the current situation as well as in the future.

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