Disturbing Information about Dr. Anthony Fauci

Information about Dr. Anthony Fauci

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. disclosed disturbing information about Dr. Anthony Fauci’s medicinal profession within the federal government, calling out the well-known doctor to a history of shady tactics varying from cover-ups to straight-out fraud.

Kennedy consistently pounded Fauci in the Thomas Paine Podcast Wednesday, exposing distressing details regarding Fauci’s problematic career guiding essential clinical protocol for the united state of America.

Kennedy defined Fauci as a work environment tyrant that destroyed careers of upstanding medical professionals as well as scientists so as to conceal wrongdoings and even pricey health care research study catastrophes with the Nationwide Institute of Allergic Reaction and Infectious Diseases in which Fauci functioned as a director since 1984.

” Fauci never wanted the American community to learn that he poisoned an entire generation of Americans,” Kennedy pointed out, declaring Fauci targeted a whistleblower that was trying to expose blood supplies that were actually polluted with lethal strains.

Kennedy claimed Fauci destroyed the doctor’s career and even covered up all the research studies. Certainly there were a lot more. Kennedy additionally aims at Bill Gates, Big Pharma, the multimedia, and even more within this video below.

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