Donald Trump Jr. posted a d*ck pic of Donald Trump on Instagram over redacted documents debacle

Former President Donald Trump is currently under investigation by the FBI and he seems furious since the Justice Department cleared the raid of his Mar-a-Lago property as being justified, however, his son Donald Jr. has already reacted to the redacted affidavit, how? By posting a joke on Instagram by having a picture of his dad with a redacted penis.

Junior also reacted to the redacted document mocking it with a Twitter post

The DOJ’s version was redacted

The Department of Justice (DOJ) presented to the judge this reduced version of the so-called “Affidavit”, after a hearing on August 18 indicated that publishing the full document would imply a risk to “national security”.

The prosecution explained Friday that it was essential not to reveal the identities of the witnesses who participated in the investigation against former President Trump, because they could “suffer harm, retaliation, intimidation or harassment, or even threats to their physical safety.

Well this really clears things up

Donald Trump Jr. over redacted document

Trump reiterates his innocence

After the publication of the document, Trump reiterated that during his administration and at the time of the change of possession in favor of Joe Biden, he did “nothing wrong” and that this is “a political attack” against him.

“I did nothing wrong. We have been attacked, we were raided. They opened the safes, they brought in many, many FBI agents, all right before the midterm elections” in November, he posted on his network, Truth Social.

He explained that the released document is “heavily redacted” without mentioning “nuclear” weaponry. He added that it is a “total public relations subterfuge by the FBI and the Department of Justice.”

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