Duda and Trump to Meet Next Week

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Polish president Duda and Trump to meet next week in Washington DC to go over the moving of US soldiers from Germany to Poland.

If a conference, which has actually not yet been validated, happens, President Duda would be the very first foreign leader to be hosted at the White House during a COVID-19 pandemic.

According to both Polish radio, RMF FM, the two presidents’ surprise conference will occur prior to the Polish governmental election arranged for Sunday 28th of June.

The Polish President’s chief of personnel Krzysztof Szczerski stated on public radio “Trójka” on Wednesday that he will not officially verify that such a meeting is to occur. He likewise pointed out that Poland was anxious to see United States forces stay in their present numbers in Europe.

The moving game

Today President Trump revealed that 9,500 United States soldiers situated in Germany will be leaving that nation real soon. Polish and American authorities have in the past gone over the possible moving of some United States forces from Germany to Poland. Nevertheless, Poland has never formally requested for any soldiers to be moved from Germany.

The present United States contingent in Poland is less than 5,000.

Poland is reported to be convincing the Americans that it would have the facilities to host a much bigger contingent.

Previously in the week, President Duda hinted that if a choice to move soldiers from Germany is taken by the United States, Poland would have an interest in assisting its essential ally. In a current interview PM, Mateusz Morawiecki stated that he hoped that a few of the United States soldiers be moved from Germany to Poland.

He rejected that this would in any way damage relations with Germany as he argued that Poland’s western next-door neighbor knew the requirement to reinforce NATO’s flank.

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