Easter 2020 All Over the World

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Let’s talk about Easter 2020 All Over the World – In The United States, we celebrate with the Easter Bunny, Easter trees, lots of chocolate, and let us not forget the eggs. What about some other countries? Do they celebrate Easter as we do?

Well, let us take a look: In Scotland, kids collect and boil eggs and start painting them on early Easter Saturday, and then on Easter Sunday, they take the boiled, painted eggs to the very top of a nearby hill and then hold a competition/contest to see whose special egg will get to the bottom, first.

Now, Hungarian children trade their hard-boiled eggs and afterward that get into a tossing contest to see who will be first to toss a coin into the egg, it’s not that easy, as the coin MUST remain inside the egg and not chip the eggshell. Pennies or dimes, work the just great.

Bulgarians, on the other hand, break eggs at twelve o’clock at night on Easter Sunday. The initial or first one is cracked by throwing it against a church wall, yes, a church wall, after that, everybody selects their own egg and cracked it on another person egg, and the one left with an unbroken one is going to get a year of good fortune/luck.

The Greeks feature a distinct custom, Everybody collects or gathers for midnight services, then, all the lightings throughout the church are shut off. A clergyman or priest arrives inside the church using a candlestick, then heads to the first bench & lights a single person’s candlestick. Consequently, the one candle lights the remainder of the candles within the church. That embodies the Illumination of the Rebirth of Christ.

For decades, Throughout Poland, the Easter basket was and is the spotlight. The elderly members of the family create or make them for the young ones. They are generally full of Easter eggs, self-made or homemade fresh bread, sometimes lamb, as well as the traditional Polish sausages, many baskets include the salt.

The Finnish always welcome their family and friend by whisking all of them using tiny willow branches in order to wish them good luck and good fortune in the new year. Everybody has a turn, and after that during Easter Sunday, these people will trade eggs, sweets, or even cash in order to repay or return the favor.

Certainly, there are a lot more customs, all are done to commemorate the rebirth of Christ.

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