Environment Canada issues cold warning for majority of Sask.

Environment Canada issued an extreme cold warning Monday afternoon for the vast majority of Saskatchewan.

Only communities in the southwest corner of the province are not under the extreme cold warning at this time.

The statement from Environment Canada is described as a “multi-day episode of very cold wind chills.”

The temperatures are being caused by a bitterly cold arctic air mass that has made its way over the southern portion of the province.

Wind chills of up to -40 to -45 degrees are expected for Saskatchewan Monday night, with conditions expected to persist until midway through the week.

Environment Canada also reminded residents in its warning that extreme cold puts everyone at risk and that conditions such as hypothermia and frost bite are going to more common throughout this latest cold spell.

To report severe weather, Environment Canada asks residents to send an email to SKstorm@ec.gc.ca or tweet reports using #SKStorm.

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