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The First News Now Team has confirmed that COVID-19 could become a nightmare if science and technology had not stood united with each other.

According to first news now, information technology had been taken to another level by a researcher’s team that belongs to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and other individual-level contributors when they created an interesting method of tracking the spread of the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus i.e. COVID-19 transmission in people.

The smartphone-based system of tracking is called PACT i.e. Private Automated Contact Tracing.

The application could track the COVID-positive person using Bluetooth signals and then notify those who encountered that person within the last few days with the distance and time they spent in close vicinity to each other.

The system conceals all the personal information of the COVID-positive patient until the patient chooses to reveal their location and identity to public health care providers.

There is more, Not only PACT but various other applications are also being introduced to deal with the pandemic such as contact-tracing applications that include COVID Watch and Pan-European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing.

Government officials have now surveillance tools and technology to track the spread of COVID-19.

Google and Apple have also announced to the first news now team about other tracing tools for COVID-19 however; they have also indicated that they would disable the feature once the pandemic ends.

Both Apple and Google in their press briefing have said that “trust and privacy are crucial to the technology because they need as many people as possible to opt-in for the tracking capabilities.

Google and Apple, both have taken steps to identities if people aren’t related to the Bluetooth codes of their device, for example, resetting of ID after every 14 days. Apple has also claimed that it is committed to people’s privacy.

Using applications in smartphones to track people is not a new idea, but, it has concerned many that the authorities will know too much about them, therefore building an alternative that respects privacy is quite important.

Right now, the bigger challenge is to get people to use it as many are having reservations about sharing every-time they caught.

In that case, if most people won’t use these applications, it would become difficult for the PACT and other such applications to gather data about the COVID-19 positive people and therefore it won’t be helpful enough to advise or notify those that might have come in contact with the infected person.

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