Foolproof Method for Determining Who Was Vaccinated

There is at the moment no foolproof methodology for figuring out who was vaccinated in opposition to covid and who was sensible and brave sufficient to easily refuse to take experimental gene-modification medicines. This is the case since there is no such thing as a approach to distinguish between the 2 teams.

However, that is about to alter quickly as a result of the Classification of Diseases (ICD) goes to be including a brand-new medical code for individuals who haven’t been vaccinated.

The new digital diagnostic code will likely be utilized by (WHO) as a type of scarlet letter focusing on purebloods, who’re seen as a hazard to the system and have acquired clearance from the United States.

Once all the pieces is in place, the medical information of an unvaccinated particular person will likely be marked with a code often called a “yellow star wristband,” which signifies that the person refused to obtain the spike proteins, graphite, and every other poisons that could be included contained in the vials.

The majority of people have some stage of familiarity with international codes in relation to medical billing.

This unvaccinated code, then again, serves extra as a branding instrument that lets the medical world know who has DNA created within the picture of the Heavenly Father as in comparison with broken DNA produced within the picture of Pfizer or Moderna. It does this by letting the medical world know who nonetheless possesses the previous.

According to the data supplied by Technocracy. information, “This system was first designed during World War II with the intention of monitoring the diagnosis of significant illnesses within a community.”

“However, throughout the course of the years, there has been a total of 11 significant updates, and with each iteration, the data that is being gathered about each person has gotten more accurate and comprehensive.”

ICD coding “truly evolved into a beast of computerized data mining” as soon as the Affordable Care Act was handed into regulation.

On the WHO web site, it’s mentioned that there are round 1.6 million distinct medical situations which will at the moment be coded. And if physicians and different healthcare professionals don’t make the most of these codes, they run the hazard of not having their companies compensated by insurance coverage suppliers for the work they accomplish.

In different phrases, compliance is required, and those that don’t observe the principles will face extreme penalties. This portends ailing for individuals who select to not be vaccinated, since they could be subjected to prejudice in the event that they attempt to get medical remedy.

Before the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA), typically often called Obamacare, was handed into regulation by Washington in 2012, this ICD system was thought of to be largely innocent. However, after the 12 months 2012, it “truly evolved into an electronic information beast,” in line with the findings of Technocracy. information.

“After two delays in 2016 brought on by Congress, the digitalization of medical information was lastly accomplished with the conversion to ICD-10… Since then, a numerical code has been devised for virtually each prognosis that may be conceived of, in addition to people who can not even be conceived of.

Code Z28.310 has change into operational as of the month of October 2022. It is a sign that the affected person has not been vaccinated, which allows medical specialists all internationally to probe into data that was beforehand thought of personal.

According to the extra clarification supplied by Technocracy. information, “This is the information your doctor will record into the computer network that is accessible by government and commercial health insurers alerting everyone of your Covid vaccination status.”

“These are codes which can be acknowledged globally for very particular medical issues which can be used for the needs of insurance coverage and the federal government. If you’re touring internationally and have a medical situation that requires remedy, you will get entry to them anyplace within the globe.

It is necessary to understand that a medical supplier runs the chance of not being paid by both Medicare or Medicaid in the event that they fail to incorporate this code on their medical payments. To put it one other approach, omitting to tell the federal authorities a few affected person’s covid standing is now a sure approach to finish a profitable profession within the medical area.

Dr. Zev Zelenko claims that each one of that is being finished to be able to usher in a brand-new medical-industrial-biomedical advanced, the purpose of which is to make sure that everyone seems to be “up to date” on their vaccinations. It may even be utilized as a “gateway to transhumanism” when, within the years to come back, an rising variety of DNA-modification injections which can be corresponding to covid “vaccines” make their approach into the market.

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