Foreign Hackers Stealing Technological Innovation

Hackers Stealing Technological

Foreign hackers are stealing technological innovation, meddle in elections, and alter diplomacy, however, fear not! The CIA has been licensed to do preemptive cyber-strikes based upon partisan myth-making.

United States, UK, and Canadian intelligence dropped a 16-page report on Thursday implicating “Russian hackers”– particularly APT29, the “Cozy Bear” hacking group of ‘Russiagate’ popularity– of targeting undefined entities associated with establishing the ( questionable) Covid-19 vaccine.

The report is stuffed with the same mistakes pestering previous dubious “Russian hacking” tales, relatively created to take advantage of the basic population’s lack of knowledge about cyber-attacks– or vaccines, for that matter.

APT29‘s campaign of malicious activity is ongoing, predominantly against the government, diplomatic, think tank, healthcare and energy targets to steal valuable intellectual property,” news report on the advisory claimed.

The best-funded hackers have the ability to not just cover their tracks efficiently but they also produce a fake path to another person. The WikiLeaks Vault 7 release in 2017 exposed the tools the CIA has at its disposal for mimicking foreign cyber-attacks, tools that enable them to make it appear like Moscow or Tehran when the genuine perpetrators remain in Langley, Virginia.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Thursday afternoon that Russia “has nothing to do” with these attacks or targeting organizations involved in the coronavirus/vaccine development, according to TASS.

Russia is far from the only nation to be implicated of such habits, naturally– China was implicated of trying to take coronavirus vaccine research study back in May, while the United States and UK intelligence firms said to the public that other “hazard groups” were “actively targeting” city governments, pharmaceutical, and research study companies, health care centers, and universities for virus-related hacking.

And the fingerpointing continues…

The bottom line is that we will NEVER know the real truth.

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