Foster Kid Force-Fed HIV Drugs Poisonous to Adults

Numerous foster youngsters force-fed HIV medication recognized to be hazardous to adults throughout experimentation licensed by Anthony Fauci.

Hundreds of foster youngsters the vast majority of them Black, Hispanic, and poor, have been force-fed HIV drugs acknowledged as being toxic to adults throughout drug research permitted and even supervised by Anthony Fauci, primarily based on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s caustic new book being offered on Amazon.

As many as 14,000 infants & kids in 7 states have been conscripted by Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and even Genentech, then compelled/FORCED to get deadly antiretroviral drugs for AIDS analysis examine supervised by this TV physician generally known as Dr. Fauci, who’s the administrator of the Nationwide Institute of Allergy symptoms and Infectious Ailments (NIAID). Word: A lot of the youngsters perished/DIED.

If these youngsters decline to take these experimental drugs and chemical substances, they have been held down and even force-fed.

If the kids continued to combat, they’re moved to Columbia Presbyterian medical facility, the place a health care provider locations a plastic cylinder tube by way of their abdomen wall proper into their abdomens. After that, the prescription drugs or experimental medication have been administered straight into their intestinal tracts. “I’m sorry of us, this simply made me sick to even take into consideration such a TORTURE”.

In terms of youngsters below Fauci’s HIV program, it was actually a nightmare.

Allow us to NOT overlook that Dr. Fauci supervised these sorts of savageries, teaming up with so-called scientists, and even winking at their loosened interpretations of ‘knowledgeable permission and ‘volunteering,’” Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s writes. “Slightly than watching out for one of the best pursuits of our younger youngsters, Dr. Fauci provided legal drug producers limitless freedom to torture defenseless youngsters behind closed doorways, with no grownup consent”.

America’s TV physician” that associated or in contrast himself as being “science” then pushed the nation together with your entire world proper into COVID chaos, and COVID vaccination experimentation. He WILL have a number of inquiries to reply from most people which has already positioned a terrific deal belief in him, quickly, actual quickly, his days are numbered.

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