Gas Prices Today, August 22, 2022: Check the cheapest Gas Stations Today

There has been a gentle decline in gas prices across much of the United States of America through July and August but prices are still much higher than is ideal.

Many Americans have been left trying to shop around to find where they can fill up their car for the best price as the cost of living soars in other areas of daily life too.

So we’re here to help with exactly that. As we do every day, we’ve got a list of the cheapest places to find gas in the United States.

What state has the highest gas prices?

As has become the norm. California is the state with the highest average gas price which currently sits at 5.105 dollars per gallon.

Which state has the cheapest price?

Yesterday it was Georgia but today, Arkansas has the average cheapest gas price in the USA, standing at 3.376 dollars per gallon.

Where are the cheapest gas stations in the US?

In terms of the cheapest gas stations in the US, these are the lowest-priced places to get gas in the top 10 most populated cities in the country:

  • New York, New York (3.39 dollars): US Gas, 758 Main St, Farmingdale, NY.
  • Los Angeles, California (4.59 dollars): Berri Brothers, 3860 E 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Chicago, Illinois (3.54 dollars): Gulf, 5922 Sheridan Rd, Kenosha, WI.
  • Houston, Texas (2.99 dollars): Exxon, 11236 SH-105, Montgomery, TX.
  • Phoenix, Arizona (3.45 dollars): Aujla76, 2701 W Buckeye RD, Phoenix, AZ.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (3.57 dollars): Sun Gas & Diesel in Middletown, 1228 Middletown Warwick Rd, Middletown, DE.
  • San Antonio, Texas (3.03 dollars): Circle K, 541 SH-46, New Braunfels, TX.
  • San Diego, California (4.54 dollars): Son’s Auto Service, 445 W 5th Ave, Escondido, CA.
  • Dallas, Texas (3.00 dollars): Exxon, 5251 N Beach St, Fort Worth, TX.
  • San Jose, California (4.58 dollars): Safeway, 100 Tennant Station, Morgan Hill, CA.

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