Getting Traffic for your Twitter Account

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Here are the Nuts and Bolts of it – Getting traffic for your Twitter feed is like constructing or creating traffic for any other social networking system.

A little financial investment and time can lead to a HUGE effect on traffic streaming to your website and earnings to your wallet.


It is crucial that you update your feed daily. If individuals see a stagnant feed, they will not use it. Make it your job to conceptualize a brand-new product EVERY SINGLE DAY. Talk with loved ones for concepts/ideas. Keep a note pad on you to write them down. Read your e-mail to see what individuals are inquiring about. The concepts/ideas are out there.


If your updates state “I simply follow my nose” then you will most likely get a couple of fans. You need each post to be of value for SOME individuals in your target location, always offer a link at the end of each post. Your objective is to have individuals read your posts and do more, like go to your website. If you talk about salmon bisque being healthy, link to a dish. If you publish about cool things that keep squirrels off your feeders, link to an image of the gadget. Constantly link to learn more. Supply things that are worth it.


Do not have long, long-winded posts that have extraneous expressions like “this post will inform you” or “my brand-new blog site will inform you”. Simply say! “Devilled eggs are tasty, this simple dish done in 5 minutes!” and link to the dish. “Here’s how I got the cat off my dog a couple of minutes ago!” and link to a picture or article. Keep your posts clear, simple to read, and have a link.


Each time you send out a newsletter, promote your Twitter feed. Make sure that your faithful readers learn about it and can quickly subscribe! Constantly/ALWAYS supply/INCLUDE a link so they can click and follow.

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On your “call us” page discuss your Twitter feed. That way, individuals who have an interest in you can quickly follow you. The exact same thing for any “about us” page. COffer a clickable link.


Do a “search” on Twitter on words connected to your subject. If you discuss birding, search on birds, birding, squirrels, that sort of thing.

Follow a couple of individuals from each search engine result who appear to have fascinating posts. Make certain they publish routinely and that they do follow back (i.e. the variety of individuals following them is reasonably near to the variety of individuals they are following). Those people will generally follow you back. Now you have an instantaneous readership in your target location, of those who have an interest in your subject and most likely to follow your links!


Yes, I discussed this before – But now that you are getting readers, keep upgrading/updating!

Update daily!

The more you update your account, the more other readers will forward your posts to their friends and your traffic will grow more and more each day!



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