Google’s next ‘big’ product: A Google Pay Credit Card

The Google Pay Credit Card Is Here

Google’s next ‘big’ product: A google pay credit card – Google has always proved to the best service provider. One thing that people like is the high quality and diversified services that the company provides.

Founded in 1998 with its headquarter in California, the united states. YouTube, Firebase, play store are some of its popular and most used subsidiaries.

This time Google came up with a smart debit card that would be launched soon. This minimalist design debit card would be used for online payments. The best part is Google will keep a record of all the information and it will send you details as they are ready. The card will allow Google to manage all your sales, purchases in a secure manner.

Will a Google Pay Credit Card make Them a financial Giant?

By constructing a smart payment system for its users, Google can easily increase its revenue to a large extent by charging fees during online shopping. This will primarily increase Google revenue all across the board.

Another point that needs to be noted is that like credit companies that have credit details and use it for advertising purpose, Google created its platform for buying and selling and if it’s successful in forming a big community then Big companies will spend on Google AdWords as Google will get more details about users thus making Google the biggest Advertisement agency. Google can use credit information to provide multiple services to its customers including Robo-advising, accounting, insurance, and many more. Thus, they can form the next big fan base.

According to First Coast News, Google has 500 million active users that use a vast number of Google services. YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms for enjoying free videos. If they introduced a google pay credit card, It would be very easy for them to achieve major popularity as it already has a big fan base. Currently, Google is looking for collaboration with big banking systems to make this happen.

The google pay credit card will contain the name Google and secondly the name of the bank

Once this card is linked to the bank, users can easily purchase things online. There will be a virtual version as well that will be connected to the phone, and when a person wants to purchase something using his phone, he/she can go for that option as well. Apple launched its card in August, in this regard Google is way late in offering this debit card.

Apple card charges per transaction for online payments. A Google Pay Credit Card will also charge something for payment services. But the question is why would people purchase through the Google payment system? Google needs to provide something extraordinary, so people get excited.


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