Gunman Shoots 3 In Arizona

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A minimum of 3 individuals have been shot after a gunman, apparently wielding an AR-15 design rifle at the time of the attack, opened fire at a shopping mall outside Phoenix, Arizona.

The event unfolded about 7:25 pm local time at the West-gate Entertainment District in Glendale, a city in Maricopa County, Arizona, 9 miles northwest of Phoenix.

A minimum of 3  have been shot, one seriously, ABC reported. Sen. Martín Quezada, reported that there are “several victims” arising from the event.

While authorities up until now have not revealed information on the shooter’s weapon,  however, Quezada, who shared his view of the event on Twitter, reported that the person was equipped with an AR-15.

” I saw an armed terrorist with an AR-15 soar, Westgate. There are numerous victims.”

Video footage has emerged on social networks supposedly shot by the gunman, Armando Junior Hernandez. The video includes a number of edits, revealing a cache of weapons.

“My name is Armando Jr Hernandez and I’m going to be the shooter of Westgate, 2020. Let’s get this done,” the guy states in one of the clips.

The troubling video footage concludes with the interaction between the supposed gunman and among his victims who are seen resting on the ground in a parking area after obviously being shot.

A female can be heard pleading with the assaulter as he revealed his intentions, stating: “Society is bulls ** t. Society is f ** king s ** t.” 

Glendale Police stated that they were dealing with numerous firms, consisting of the FBI, to perform searches of neighboring structures and organizations to ensure that there are no other victims.

The state-federal government will do whatever it can to offer assistance to victims and the broader neighborhood, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey extended his acknowledgments to people and households who were impacted and applauded first respondents and authorities who reached the scene.

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