Have You Ever Wondered How To Become A Pilot

Ways To Become A Pilot

Just how hard is it to become a pilot anyways? Is becoming a pilot your career ambition? Do you want to make the thrill of flying a part of your daily life in the future? Read on to know more about how to become a commercial pilot, to give wings to your dreams.

How long does it take to become a pilot

When you want to become a pilot, you must be ready to invest a lot of time, money, and effort in the process, because you will not see overnight results in this journey. You will need 1500 hours of flying experience to become a commercial pilot. The process to go from 0 to 1500 hours of flying can vary based on the flight training institute and the type of course you choose.

Some institutions do have crash courses, in which, you can gain this experience in a very short time (between 3 and 6 months). However, that’s not possible for everybody because these institutes charge exorbitant fees for the crash courses. So how long does it actually take to become a pilot if you go through the process step by step? It will take you anywhere around 2 to 4 years to get the 1500 hours of flying experience before you can think of starting your career as a commercial pilot.

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You have to apply for special licenses before you start making money as a pilot. When you want to drive a car, you are first given a learner’s license, aren’t you? Similarly, before you become a commercial pilot, you have to work towards getting these licenses to strengthen your flying skills. Depending on what type of plane you want to fly (sport, recreational, commercial, and other planes), you need to apply for the appropriate licenses.

How to become a commercial pilot

Are you wondering how to become a commercial pilot? Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Should be of 18 years of age and must have passed the required physical tests

  • Must possess good communication skills and should have enough knowledge about the aeronautical industry

  • Start training as a private pilot from any of the recognized aviation institutes; apart from flying must also learn about maintaining and running the airline operations, communicating with various stakeholders and the like

  • Must have logged 250 hours of flying as solo and pilot-in-command; experience should include flying during the day and night and must have completed the specified number of takeoffs and landings

  • Should clear the practical aviation test conducted by officials of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); the practical test will involve flying in various challenging conditions and written exam will include questions on safety, navigation, control, and maneuverability of the aircraft

  • Get the airport transport license, for which you need to be 23 years old and above; you should have completed at least 15000 hours of flying and passed the tests conducted by the FAA to get your commercial pilot license.

We hope this might have answered your questions on how to become a commercial pilot. These steps do take time; therefore, you need to be patient in this process to enjoy success in the future.

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