How Tesla Disrupted The Electric Car Industry

Tesla is Changing The World

Tesla was founded in 2003 and since then it came a long way to reach this level in which they are among the market leaders in the electric car industry.

It all happened due to the innovation and vision that runs through the very core of this company. Before Tesla, the industry consisted of the major players whose business was booming and they were promoting cars that use fossil fuel. After Tesla came in the market all of this changed forever, and the companies who were selling and making only fossil fuel cars started turning toward electric cars.

Although they were selling it already, the quantity was so small that it became insignificant to count electric cars. However, after the entry of Tesla, these companies felt the heat and they turned toward electric cars.

The reason behind the shifting was that if these companies failed to anticipate the change that is about to occur, they would have faced massive losses.

Tesla started its business by announcing the cars that were luxurious and were very expensive.

That business strategy was well explained by Elon Musk by revealing that their plan to gradually decrease the prices of cars and bring them at par with the normal cars that are being used nowadays. That strategy was applauded by experts because, in this way, only the ones who can afford the most luxurious products can pay for the research required for the technology part of the business.

There are two major ways in which Tesla has disrupted the status quo in the car market.

The first way was by introducing a design that consumes less energy as compared to other cars. Its design and its body stand out from other cars out there.

The second is consuming clean energy.

Although to some people it won’t be a big reason, for the rational people out there, using clean energy to save the planet from any adverse effects is their sole purpose, and for them, Tesla is the first choice.

In conclusion, Tesla has managed to survive for the last 14 years, which means that it can bear the brunt of the market and yet sustain its status.

The product which Tesla is offering is one of the most beneficial decisions in the transport industry and due to this, Tesla is growing every day.


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