How the world is coping with coronavirus?

How are you coping with coronavirus since the world has witnessed 165,000 deaths due to coronavirus and there are around 2.4 million confirmed infected cases till now?

It shows that COVID-19, a disease caused by a coronavirus, is spreading like a wildfire. However, the closer look at how the world is coping with coronavirus shows that we are succeeding against this deadly disease.

Let’s see the hot spots of the world where coronavirus did the most damage.

Situation in China

China has reported that there is not a single death from coronavirus in the last three days in a row. However, 16 new cases have been reported in China. It shows that they have successfully controlled the spread of COVID-19 which gives hope to all other countries.

Situation in Italy

Although Italy is still struggling to control this deadly disease, yet it recorded the lowest daily death tally in a week after the deaths rose by 433. Furthermore, the number of new cases remained 3,047 from a previous 3,491. Till now, Italy has reported 23,660 deaths from coronavirus which is the second-highest death toll from the United States.

Situation in Iran

Iran is improving on all the indicators but still, there is a long way to go for Iran. It is predicted that a month is required by Iran to control the Corona Virus. That is the reason Iran has extended the leave period of 100,000 prisoners for one month. These were the prisoners who were temporarily released to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Situation in the USA

The United States has reported the death toll of 40,000 which is nearly the third of global total deaths. Furthermore, the total infected cases in the United States are also 760,000 which is also around a third of the world’s total. The USA recently criticized the role of the World Health Organization and China to accommodate the spread of disease.

It shows that the world is dealing with the deadly disease very well and the situation can be under control in the coming month.

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