Huawei launches new smart glasses powered by Harmony OS

Huawei has launched a new pair of smart glasses in China, powered by their Harmony OS. The design features a detachable front frame and supports simultaneous connection of two devices.

Dubbed ‘Huawei Smart Glass,’ the product comes in three frame types – classic, stylish pilot, and retro round frame, featuring a range of colour options. The glasses feature square 128mm “ultra-thin large-amplitude” stereo speakers on the temple for music streaming and hands-free calling. To reduce sound leakage, it features an inverse sound field acoustic system, which also helps with reducing outdoor sound pickup.

Sporting the Harmony OS, the smart glasses allows for simultaneous connection of two devices, where you could switch between the two with a one-key setting. Its touch controls help you take phone calls, play or pause music, and even switch audio lanes with a flick of the finger.

The glasses also feature a cervical spine health function, where the sensors inside constantly check for bad posture (position of the head with respect to the spine). It also tracks the duration a person has their head hanging to provide early warning for spine health risks.

At full charge, these glasses can last up to 16 hours, while providing 4.5 hours of talk time and 6 hours of music playback. It also features a wired magnetic charging system, real-time alerts, and are IPX 4 rated for sweat and splash resistance.

The Huawei Smart Glass is available in China in two variants – clear lenses at Yuan 1699 (about Rs 20,120), which the dark lenses will cost you Yuan 1899 (about Rs 22,500).

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