I don’t vibe with mean spirits, says Lauren Jauregui | Entertainment News

Lauren Jauregui refuses to “vibe with mean spirits”.

The 26-year-old pop star has has taken to social media to hit out at two-faced people, saying that mean-spirited individuals have an “ugly” energy.

Lauren – who shot to fame as a teenager as part of Fifth Harmony – wrote on Twitter: “I don’t vibe with mean spirits. I don’t care how popular you are, majority of the people who act like your friend are scared you’ll talk about them the way you do others. Mean spirits are insecure spirits, I don’t care how hot u tell ppl you think you are, that energy is ugly. (sic)”

Lauren is often outspoken on social media, and the brunette beauty previously insisted she won’t change her ways.

She said: “I think it’s a mistake to separate being a human who lives in the country that I live in from being an artist. I think it’s even more important for me to be political because I have a voice that speaks to people, sometimes beyond even what politics can do.

“So if I have that power, that privilege that’s been given to me, I’m not going to waste it on pretending I only care about superficial things. Because I don’t.”

Lauren also admitted to struggling with anxiety and depression during her time in Fifth Harmony.

The singer – who starred in the group alongside Ally Brooke, Normani, Dinah Jane, and Camila Cabello – shared: “One of those things that I was going through a lot of in [Fifth Harmony] and outside of the group was anxiety and depression, which I found stemmed majorly from just this inner conflict that I had with deservability.

“Like, deserving to feel safe, deserving to feel taken care of, deserving a trustworthy team that isn’t going to do something behind my back.”

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