Impact of the Internet of things

The Internet of things will be a situation in which every product around us will be connected to the internet and will fetch data through the help of sensors.

Right now we have the internet of humans in which most of us on earth are connected to each other and connected to all the information that one may require at any given time in their life.

Everything is available on the internet. The Internet of Things will be the revolution in which most of the things i.e. products will be connected to and communicate with each other.

The Internet of Things is the revolution that will completely change the world as we know it

Take an example of a person who has heart disease and he is sleeping in his house. Imagine if he was to face a heart attack, and a clip band attached to his wrist noticed his heartbeats while he is sleeping. That clip band will measure his heartbeat and anticipate the heart attack and it will alarm the local hospital about this and send his medical reports to the doctors at hospitals which in turn will dispatch the ambulance saving his or her life.

This example is just a glimpse of the whole revolution. Shortly speaking, it will be a world that will be fully automatic, and human effort will be minimized.

Another example of the internet of things is that our cars will be connected to each other and can inform other cars about a particular blockage on any route and hence avoid traffic jams.

In the same way as this, the sensors at parking lots will tell our car about a vacant spot, and hence our car will drive automatically to that spot. There are countless ways in which our life will be changed dramatically due to the internet of things.

That is the reason all of the major technology companies around the world are making their products compatible with the internet of things. Those companies who will not adopt this change will be outdated within the next twenty to thirty years.

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