Independence Day Warning for Union County Residents

Independence Day Warning

Independence Day is this Saturday, and El Dorado Fire Chief Chad Mosby provided some security pointers and suggestions for Union County residents preparing to engage with fireworks over the vacation.

” It’s prohibited to set off fireworks in the city limitations of El Dorado unless it’s done by expert firework professionals,” he stated. “As far as the county goes, we’ve had considerable rain over the recent months, so the county is not under a burn/fire restriction. It should be OK for individuals to find an open location out in the backwoods to pop those fireworks.”

Regardless of the current rain making it great for fireworks, Mosby cautioned that homeowners need to understand if they do shoot off fireworks by themselves. Fires are still possible, as are injuries.

” We still must use care in using fireworks, since it does not take much to start a fire or put somebody’s property at risk of a fire,” he stated. “Have a safe place to do it, where there’s no dry greenery of flammable products.”

According to the National Fire Protection Association, fireworks were the reason for nearly 20,000 fires in 2018, consisting of 1,900 structure fires, 500 car fires, and 17,100 other fires, triggering 46 injuries, 5 deaths.

Mosby stated “fireworks are not meant to be lit while in somebody’s hand. The NFPA states that 32% of firework-related injuries were to individuals’ hands or arms (28% to hands and 4% to arms), making them the most likely body parts to be hurt while using fireworks.

” We’re handling fireworks, keep in mind that they can trigger serious injuries, so, use them in a safe manner,” Mosby stated. “Kids MUST be monitored by an adult at ALL times – an accountable grownup– when handling fireworks.”

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission said –  the NFPA approximates that 9,100 individuals were put in the healthcare facility for fireworks-related injuries in 2018; kids under 15 years of age represented 36% of those, more than a 3rd.

Over the weekend, police will take part in a ‘Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over’ project.

According to a news release from the Arkansas State Police, vehicle drivers will see more checkpoints and patrols on Arkansas highways and roadways, and there will be NO tolerance for impaired driving.

” Making the decision to Drink and drive can be fatal. It’s a reckless habit, and we will be watching,” stated Colonel Bill Bryant, director of the ASP and Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s Highway Safety Representative. “Make no mistake, if you’re captured drinking and driving, you will be jailed.”

The 4th of July is typically a time when friends and families collect. He stated that he hopes “Union County residents will be thoughtful when making preparations for the vacation”.

” People wish to get together and have cookouts and celebrations commemorating the Fourth. We simply remind them to be safe and accountable,” he stated. “Whether you’re going to be out on the highways or having parties in your home, do not  DRINK and drive, do what’s safe.”

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