India’s Decision to Shift to Electric Cars

India’s shift to Electric Cars

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India must shift to Electric Cars since the current environment is bleak, as millions of cars are still running on fossil fuels, making things more dangerous each day?

These cars which are consuming fossil fuel are doing double damage to the environment. Firstly, these cars use fossil fuel and secondly they emit carbon, they are not the first choice of any government. That is the reason we will be discussing and analyzing the decision made by the Indian government to shift to Electric Cars by 2032.

It means all other cars that are being used right now will be discarded and replaced by electric cars in India.

Although it looks ambitious, actually it a necessity, as there was no other option left for India except to rely on electricity.

There are four major reasons why the Indian government decided to start this ambitious program of changing all cars to electric cars.

The first major reason is that India wants to decrease its dependency on oil as much as possible. Although India is altering plans to base its imports and dependency on oils in the vision of its future, India’s target is to minimize the dependency on oil.

China is also pursuing the same lines as other major nations of the world.

The major reason which triggered the Indian government to start this program is the bleak environmental conditions of its major cities like Mumbai etc.

These big cities are covered in smoke produced by fossil fuel cars, and in the winter this smoke turns into smog which is a major hurdle in the development and growth for India.

The last but not the least matter of concern for India was the perusing the goals of Sustainable development. India must reduce its carbon emission increases by providing electric transportation.

In conclusion, India can be a fully changed country in the next fifteen years if it can successfully implement the plan of changing all fossil fuels cars to electric. This option will not only be cheaper than the first, but it will ensure the sustainable development of the country.

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