Initiative To Gaslight The United States

As a part of the ongoing initiative to gaslight The United States of America and even bastardize Trump advocates, the exact same phony news networks that ran the Russia conspiracy scam for 4 years has actually now announced Joe Biden to be the president-elect, although no states have actually accredited their last ballot reporting, as well as many states, include and suits pending.

This is actually nothing but a hard up attempt by the phony news multimedia to gaslight The United States and prays Trump fans to end up being demoralized.

Trump legal consultant Jenna Ellis responded:

Media collaborated efforts are trying to show Joe Biden as the president and disregard the guideline of law. There is no main winner up until every legal vote is counted properly, the states accredit outcomes, and all legal difficulties are fixed.

President Trump has now provided a  declaration of his own:

All of us understand why Joe Biden is hurrying to incorrectly impersonate the winner, and why his media allies are trying to assist him: they do not want the facts and truth to be exposed.

The reality is that this election is far from over.

Joe Biden has never been certified as the winner of any states, not to mention any of the compulsory ones, or states where legal challenges are still pending in court. In Pennsylvania, for instance, our legal observers were not allowed significant access to view the counting procedure. Legal votes choose who is president, not the news media.

Starting Monday we will begin bringing our case to court to guarantee election laws are totally supported and the rightful winner is seated. The American People are entitled to a truthful election: that implies counting all legal tallies/ballots, and not counting any prohibited tallies/ballots.

This is the only method/way to guarantee the public has complete confidence in our election process.

It’s not surprising that the Biden project declines to agree with this fundamental concept and pushes for ballots to be counted even if they are deceitful or cast by disqualified or departed citizens.

So what is Biden concealing? I will never rest until the American Men and women have a sincere, honest vote count they are worthy and deserve and democracy needs.

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