Innovation Dependency – Is Technology Isolating us from People?

Technology Isolation

Psychologists have actually done studies on the impacts of chat rooms and answered the question, Is Technology Isolating us from people?

Those who are shy and reticent in real-life, visit chats or chat rooms to vent out their disappointment. They assume pseudo identities and live a new and different life, sitting hours at a time. These cases have been reasons for numerous marital issues and divorces. Rejection by cyber friends has likewise been a huge factor for anxiety cases. It just serves to increase solitude which has been proven by research.

The number of people going to medical professionals is increasing day by day.

Even web browsing, to some, ended up being a dependency.

Hours and hours are invested online without any care or thought for real life. Likewise with online video games. Individuals unexpectedly end up being a “recluse“. They disregard their home and household.

This phenomenon is genuine. Solitude produces disappointment with the outside world. A gregarious mindset is lost. 

The risks of social isolation

Gone are the days of the ’70s and ’80s when Saturdays were a time spent with buddies, hanging out. Nowadays you do online conferences with pals using messengers. SMS has actually lowered the requirement/need of speaking on the phone. Individuals are no longer as friendly as they were back in the day.

Even films or any kind of performance can be downloaded as needed, avoiding the need to go out. In fact, you can even work from home and not even go to the workplace. Whatever you need, like shopping, can be bought online or by the telephone and even brought to your house or apartment.

What About Education?

Even academic degrees can be acquired sitting in the house.

  • There is NO need or requirement to go to lectures and classes in universities.
  • There’s NO need or requirement to remain in a college dorm room with new pals.

Our TELEVISION began the lazy-bones concept.

Research studies revealed individuals all over the United States and the world were getting overweight and sluggish. Kids instead of playing football outdoors were viewing, watching inane programs for long hours. All this just promotes isolation.

Some years back, there was this guy who called himself a dot-com man. He remained inside a house for a whole month with a computer and a net connection. Whatever this guy needed or wished to do could be and was done or purchased with the help of the web. He showed the power of the computer system- absolutely nothing more.

A man or a human is a social animal. He/she constantly required the company of others for joy. Marital relationship is a sign of the exact same- the requirement for a buddy. Existing technological development is just weakening this need.

Its creating hermits all over the world.

There might be a day when nobody needs to come out of the house. Now, even marital relationships are webcast, so that family members can bless the couple online without coming over or together in person.

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