Is Justin Trudeau a Vanguard Group client/owner? There’s no way to know for sure unless we gain access to
either JT’s financial records or the Vanguard Group owner/client list.

However, we can make reasonable conclusions based on what we do know.


Conversations in the Dark: The Pandemic Planners

1. The government’s refusal to look at opposing science and response with lockdowns, restrictions, and
increasingly aggressive vaccination agenda seem to only benefit one entity – The Vanguard Group.

2. The Vanguard Group has an ongoing relationship with both federal and provincial governments.

3. Canada’s deputy prime minister is on the board of trustees so must clearly know the reach of The
Vanguard Group.

4. The deputy prime minister reports to the Prime Minister so he must clearly know the reach of The
Vanguard Group.
This last conclusion can be refuted by the PM’s office so that brings me to my last two points which also brings
the last two pieces of the puzzle into place.

This is alarming!

Part 4 (b) – Government Handouts
In order to prove that Justin Trudeau, in his capacity as Prime Minister is colluding with The Vanguard Group
we need only look as far as the money he has inexplicably given out as well as the many scandals he has been
involved in. There are many examples but I will keep it to 4.
– Apple 60 million (Owned by The Vanguard Group)
– Mastercard 50 million (owned by The Vanguard Group)
– SNC Lavalin – So Much money and broke the law (The Vanguard Group Major investor)
– We Charity – Nearly almost a billion dollars (WE = World Economic)
**Other cash transfers include Blackberry, Loblaws, Canadian Tire**

Part 4 (c) – Justin’s Unexplained Wealth
In order to prove Justin Trudeau has benefited personally, we only have to type Justin Trudeau’s Net worth into
the search engine. And don’t forget to use the internet archive Wayback Machine.

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