January 21 – Top Seven Updates in Tech News Today

Here are the top seven things you must know about Tech with The Hans India on January 21, 2022. Let’s begin…

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 price is similar to an iPhone 12

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is available with a massive price reduction of Rs. 20,900 on Amazon; available at the same price as an iPhone 12. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, was launched in August 2021 as one of Samsung’s high-end flip phones for Rs 64,099.

OnePlus might launch a new smartphone in India under Rs 20,000

OnePlus might be working on a new Nord-smartphone for the Indian market that could come under Rs 20,000. Up until now, there was no OnePlus device selling for less than INR 20,000, despite the fact that that’s the most popular price point in the country.

Instagram to allow remix all new public video on its platformThe feature allows users to load their reels alongside another that already exists. The Meta-owned photo-sharing platform is rolling out a new feature where users can remix any new public video they see on Instagram.

Five Tips to Boost Your iPhone Battery Life

How to boost iPhone battery life: Reviewing the settings below can significantly extend battery life on the spot, but the result will vary depending on what you’re willing to change to improve efficiency.

Buy iPhone 11 for Rs 34900! Know how to get this deal

iPhone 11 offers another great deal! The latest price cut makes iPhone 11 more affordable than ever, but you need to take advantage of trade-in deals.

TikTok to Allow its Creators Charge Subscription Fees

TikTok confirmed that it is testing support for paid subscriptions, paving the way for creators on the short-form video platform to get paid for their content. There are no details on who, when, or how it is available.

Instagram Launches Instagram Subscriptions; Now Earn Monthly Income

In Instagram subscriptions, users will have to pay to access exclusive content from creators, which will allow them to earn monthly recurring income. These creators include 10 athletes, creators, influencers, and celebrities on the platform. In the next coming months, the feature will roll out to more creators.

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