Joan Wittman Lost her Life to COVID-19

A mom, grandma as well as a great close friend. It’s the way loved ones always remember a Minneapolis lady that lost her life to COVID-19. Joan Wittman made sure her family came first.

Her sweetness attracted even the family pet dog from the moment Joan Wittman was born in 1931.

” She grew-up right here in Minneapolis,” her daughter Joan Berendt pointed out. “She left school during the 10th grade, she began working to help out at home. She was one of the most intelligent individuals, I ever knew.”

Joan worked on crossword problems/puzzles with ink, and her daughter pointed out that her mother’s nose was literally buried within a book.

Joan Wittman, Mother & Grandmother, Dies Of COVID-19 Without ...

” I was really close to her,” Berendt explained

As a matter of fact, her mother resided/lived with Jill Berendt’s relatives and even helped to bring up Jill’s children, until mental deterioration hit her and we need to place her into the N. Ridge in New Hope.

Just like all the assisted living homes, when COVID-19 occurrences were verified during March, the center kept family members far away.

“I was actually scared. Because I recognized that if she got it, she most likely would not make it through,” Berendt mentioned.

Her loved ones sent her a mobile phone through mail delivery with the optimism they ‘d remain in connection with each other.

“I made an effort to speak to her on the telephone once, however, she had absolutely no concept what was taking place or even who I was,” the daughter revealed.

A few weeks later as COVID-19 cases climbed in N. Ridge, Joan tested positive.

“These experts began saying that she was declining quickly,” she included.

Joan Wittman passed away on April 26th at 88 years of age, with no last words out of the 5 generations of a household she leaves behind.

“She was definitely remarkable. I miss her daily,” her little girl explained.

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