Joe Biden pledges to Lead by Example

Joe Biden recently thanked the American voters for giving him the ” victory” in this political election, naming The United States of America a “beacon for the world” and pledges to lead by example.

” This evening the entire planet is watching America and I strongly believe seeing our best, The United States is a beacon to the world. We are going to lead not just by a good example of our power but by the power of our example,” Biden stated, addressing the country Saturday night.

Joe Biden, whose success within the presidential political election, claimed he intends to “bring back the spirit of The United States of America” as well as “rebuild the backbone of the country – the middle-income group,” calling on his challengers to look past their bureaucratic big differences and even “provide one another a chance.”

Biden, who was actually announced or declared by Kamala Harris as the president-elect of the united state of America, claimed that the “men and women of this country” have already provided him a “very clear” and even “persuading” triumph in the political election.

Even though AP is an authoritative provider for projections, the ultimate result regarding the vote-casting will not be determined till electoral ballots are authorized around December, or perhaps when Trump gives up.

Trump, on the other hand, suggested he is going to bring the fight to a higher court over the vote-casting, as far as the United States Supreme Court, saying that he “triumphed/won” the election. Trump team has already prepared a number of judicial challenges within battleground regions, saying electoral process infractions, like blocking its own onlookers from ballot stations, as well as the presence of backdated ballots, is ground enough to investigate.

However, Joe Biden continuously hit an appeasing note, claiming that he “does not see” blue nor red regions, but instead the nation overall or as a whole.

It’s time to do away with these unsupported claims.

We must stop addressing or treating our challengers/opponents like villains or enemies. They are NOT enemies, these people are actually Americans. This is the time for healing in The United States of America.

Although saying that other nations/countries ought to fall in line, Biden has certainly not talked a lot about his diplomatic policy throughout his campaign. Even though Trump wanted his final governmental discussion with Biden so as to pay attention to foreign relations, as per historical custom, subject matters such as the corona-virus pandemic, race, climate change, and even nationwide safety and security got the spotlight in its place.

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