Methods to Intercept those that push for Health Freedom

Have the intelligence companies of the West devised strategies to intercept the plans of those that push for well being freedom and so stop them from taking important motion?

The obtainable proof appears to go in that path.

According to an article written by Matthew Crawford and revealed in his “Rounding the Earth Newsletter,” he references to analysis on the exercise of the human mind that reveals the mind data judgments within the seconds earlier than they’re actually made.

According to this speculation, if the area of time that exists between the two occasions can be utilized to 1’s benefit, selections that might have been taken in any other case could also be influenced and prevented from taking place.

How does one thing like this relate to the battle for well being freedom?

It is kind of doable that people known as “chaos agents” or “controlled opposition” infiltrators are hiding in plain sight inside well being freedom organizations and finishing up the aforementioned exercise, which is to control precise well being freedom fighters to turn into ineffectual.

According to Crawford has mentioned, “I would define a Chaos Agent like a specific sort of controlled resistance that acts with a certain psychology in mind.” “And their techniques are most fitting (and frustrating) in the age of Fifth-Generation Warfare.” (Related: For extra on the controversy surrounding the documentary “Died Suddenly” and the allegations that Russian brokers could have been concerned in its manufacturing, see our earlier protection.)

Crawford describes the next 5 issues as a few of the methods chaos brokers inhibit spontaneous, standard actions from beginning to take form:

Put on the guise of an organizer so that you could be later take over and undermine the motion.
Plant seeds of uncertainty and anarchy throughout whereas spreading false data, misinformation, and even misinformation.

Formulate horrible plans and ideas whereas failing to perform one’s personal portion of the agreed-upon duties.

Set group organizers ablaze and incite battle with each other with a purpose to thwart their efforts and render them much less profitable of their battle in opposition to oppression.

Steal cash from the group after which use it in a covert method to assist your individual actions.
Organizing on a neighborhood degree helps cut back the potential for disruption brought on by brokers of dysfunction in digital settings.

It is kind of easy for chaos agent spies to silently sneak in and begin making use of these and different strategies of manipulation for the reason that majority of organizing that takes place at the present time takes place digitally and is steadily nameless. This is the explanation Crawford advocates making an attempt to arrange additional domestically.

Even if chaos agent infiltrators are nonetheless able to doing the identical issues as in actual life, at the least now after they meet head to head, everybody has a reputation and a face to go together with their identification. Participating in in-person brainstorming classes helps to cut back the chance that an agent of chaos would slip in unnoticed.

“The management that emerges is often well-understood by their group, with a common background,” Crawford provides. “They have to look people they are working on behalf of in the eye every day.”

Being discriminating can be so much less complicated to perform in particular person since one can higher decide the character of the opposite members, equivalent to whether or not or not they appear sincere and whether or not or not they interact in eye contact when they’re conversing. There’s no approach to inform if an individual you might be interacting with on-line is human or a bot since there is no such thing as a technique for confirming their identification.

“Understand that even smaller media sources could possibly be pre-organized machines in a global civil war,” says Crawford. “This is something you need to keep in mind.”

“Ask your self what you fully perceive and what you don’t, and keep an open thoughts to recent information. We are being performed for fools by a wide range of psychological operations, which makes it harder than it has ever been to place proxy belief into observe with excessive constancy.

If you have an interest on this subject material, it’s in your greatest curiosity to hearken to Crawford’s three-hour presentation that he simply revealed on chaotic brokers.

An extra viewpoint on the matter was supplied by a commenter who mentioned, “Maybe it’s important to add to the ways that a chaos agent works that they would be keen on dishing out black pills: generate the illusion of so much dread that all resistance becomes pointless.”

Even these of us who’re most spiritually inclined may need our hope sucked away by this pessimistic viewpoint.

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