Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie feature now available for all users

Microsoft Teams has made its Walkie Talkie feature generally available to all its users. The push to talk feature was introduced two years ago as a way for frontline workers to communicate easily on-field, when the pandemic rate was at its peak. The app can now be accessed on both Android and iOS devices.

The Walkie Talkie app is a push-to-talk (PTT) communication feature that allows users to connect with their team through a respective channel. Outside parties cannot interact with the people inside the channel unless dragged in or given permission.

Microsoft claims that the app replaces the need for carrying bulky radios and offers a secure line of communication through Wi-Fi or cellular internet connectivity. The company teamed up with Zebra mobile devices to implement the digital Walkie Talkie functionality.

The rugged TC-series, customer-facing EC-series, and the scanning device MC-series will now include the Microsoft Teams’ push-to-talk features. All three mobile devices come with a dedicated, built-in button on the side emulating a radio walkie talkie, that one needs to hold onto while speaking. The voice gets recorded, and then sent to the recipient.

“With this partnership, we’re excited to be able to provide frontline workers with the ability to use these devices to seamlessly communicate, collaborate, and stay productive in any conditions,” said Anders Gustafsson, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Zebra Technologies in a blog post.

Currently, the feature is not pre-installed. To enable WalkieTalkie for use in Teams, organisations will have to add it to the ‘App Setup Policy’ through the admin centre. Once turned on, the feature becomes available on the app within the next 48 hours.

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