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PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (AP) — A song created in collaboration with Philadelphia conservative Billboard-topping rapper Christopher “Topher” Townsend will be featured in a Denzel Washington-directed movie titled “A Journal for Jordan” that opened Christmas Day.

Townsend said having the song entitled “I Left My Home” featured in a movie is a highlight of his career.

“Don Kennedy, the vice president of music licensing for Sony Pictures Entertainment, emailed and informed me they were using ‘I Left My Home’ in ‘A Journal for Jordan,’” Townsend said. “I’m beyond excited, and I hope everyone goes and sees this movie.”

“A Journal for Jordan” tells the story of Sgt. Charles Monroe King, when he is deployed to Iraq and begins to keep a journal of love and advice to his infant son, Jordan.

Townsend’s song appears when King is humming “I Left My Home” to his baby son.

“I Left My Home” is the result of a collaborative effort between Townsend and MJHanks, a popular musician on TikTok, and The Marine Rapper, a hip-hop artist from Hollywood, California.

“MJHanks created a TikTok with some song lyrics that went viral, and then I made a TikTok with some lyrics I wrote in response to his video, and that also went viral,” Townsend said. “People liked our videos and wanted a full song. The Marine Rapper was involved because he was already working with me since we have a group called Space Force with the artist D. Cure on Spotify. We released the audio version of the song in September of this year.”

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