My Fear Of Travelling By Air

Big Fear Of Travelling By air

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This post is about my Fear of Travelling by Air, yes, in an airplane. If you have this worry or fear, you are not alone.

I myself do not take pleasure in this experience and it was not till I was eighteen years of age that I  got the guts to travel by air. I hope you like my adventure.

Personally, I like to be in control of whatever I do. I keep away from any threat and never been one for things like roller-coasters.

I do not need that kinda thrill to rock my boat. Some do, but not me.

The idea of traveling by air, for that reason, did not thrill me, I need to confess, it terrified the living daylights out of me.

When I drive my car, I have a component of control, if the airplane crashes for whatever reasons, my life could be over. I am not the pilot, I am not part of the maintenance team and I do not know its history.

Like the majority of people, I checked out that flying is without a doubt the safest kind of travel. You know what? I don’t really care, I still would rather drive.

There has actually been a TV series called Lost. In my opinion, it was an excellent program and I have seen every episode. It sure didn’t help my fear of flying.

Due to the appeal of Lost, I have seen a lot of news articles with individuals explaining how they made it through an aircraft crash. I was overwhelmed by their stories, just thinking of the worry and horror they have been through.

Anyway, In my last air-plane adventure, I recalled that the liftoff and landing are the worst elements of the entire experience for me, and this is where I am at my most terrifying level.

We were moving down the runway, collecting speed, I grasped the armrest securely, hoping that would assist/help, and then all of a sudden the aircraft took to the air. The individual in the seat beside me then asked if he might have his hand back.

Seems that I was not applying the jaws of death grip to the armrest, I actually was squeezing the blood out his hand. I quickly said sorry and continued to be brave, or at least I pretended well. I don’t think I will be doing that anytime soon.

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