National politics: The Corruption Curve

In the Corruption Curve, ” Power has a tendency to corrupt, and outright or absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are often bad guys.” (Lord Acton).

Some like to think that they will be truthful, and even kind-hearted, yes, we have actually convinced ourselves that should we at any time achieve power, regardless if by means of creating our own company, climbing to the corporate ladder of a firm/company, and turning into extremely prominent people in our area of proficiency, or perhaps in gaining governmental office, we are going to continue to be truthful and ethical, upright till hell freezes over.

The possessing power differs significantly with the person and the degree of power acquired.

We are totally acquainted/familiar with the petty authoritarian at the office that reigns/rules a small business with piggishness and even in-temperateness, harassing with no feeling of fairness or benevolence. We have seen the research study of those that created a reputation throughout a life-time under shame via subverting outcomes to uphold their principles.

As the level of power rises, we observe/see the Enron and Lincoln Financial savings brand name of tableaux unravel. Not just does this same gluttony and debauchery hold sway, but the idea of towering above the law arises and liability with trust is cast off from the conference room. The more mystical life ends up being, the higher the disconnect between the powerful and the rest of the world. People that do not have power are going to get ripped off, maneuvered, and even emptied of their belongings.

Within an environment where hereditary kingdoms are an anachronism, the outright power exists in the bureaucratic realm regardless if possessed by a military-backed tyrant or by those individuals that have already been so regularly selected to the office that they no longer view themselves as public reps but as entitled dictators of a process that they regulate.

The arrogant aspiration of one particular individual, Julius Caesar, resulted in the break down of a republic which guided Rome to new levels or highs. The supremacy this individual built carried the seeds of its very own deterioration in its descent right into the uninhibited autocracies of a strand of rulers that possessed their autarchy using these same methods.

The founders of the Constitution came with a vision of a government in which no such uncontrolled power could ever develop as a result of the checks and balances inherent inside the system these people created.

Not a single person can be above the law given that the rule of law was truly paramount.

This tactic called for various offices of state and federal governments to make sure that a large number of voices with philosophical concepts were always included in any type of notable move.

Still, those individuals that drove the progression of our constitutional legislation were titans within their own right.

Washington’s refusal to take the name of a king, supported by his advocates, signaled his rejection of too much power focused on one person.

His peers – Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Madison, as well as many more – adhered to the very same program: split power to guarantee that the needs of the many could be satisfied via a multitude of representative advocates.

The checks and balances these guys created kept the vessel or ship of state afloat.

Sometimes listing to port or starboard, the outright multiplicity of individuals within the political system has always been in a position to draw it back to a vertical center path.

Definitely, there have been darker periods of shadiness & incompetency.

We are dealing with this type of darkness right now: people staying in office for too long, having and using way too much power available to them; too many leaders have forgotten that they are actually civil servants, cultivating a frame of mind of privilege and the conviction that they gotten used too, being better than anybody else, the scary part is that the general public voted for all of them.

The rule of law, designed more than 200 yrs back, may keep these people in check.

The lawful prosecution of a congressman receiving millions of bucks in kickbacks, of a legislative leader that made use of political election cash as he or she pleased instead of as the regulation called for, as well as governing body representatives that ruined a people’s careers and endangered the lives of concealed operatives around the globe, restores equilibrium within a world swarming with skimming, gluttony, and overweening self-pleasure.

Continuous inquiries into the sincerity of leaders in evoking the demand for armed forces intervention and even the increasing tone of nonconformity in opposition to monetary favor when it comes to the wealthy and powerful at the expense of slashing professional services to the poor present a twinkle of hope that the shadiness is going to be suppressed and the pompousness of our leaders pierced and revealed.

The embattled defendants cry foul, alleging that the sole breach is the political aspiration of their leaders. These people have moved so far past the light of the typical person that their very own shadiness and misbehavior appear completely common and even appropriate to them.

Happily, in contrast to the impotent rubber-stamp Roman legislators, we can deal with our potential Caesars without having the danger of physical harm and our people may cast them out of their comfortable den using one of the most effective weapons ever developed: the polling booth.

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