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Maria Ray –Business Stories

I am Maria Ray I have finished my four-year college education in English writing and I hold a master’s degree in Business from Stanford University. Writing about business and finance is my interest. I have five-years of experience which incorporates articles, web substances, and web journals for First Coast News. I take love in both my profession and the education field.  I additionally have teaching experience of 2 years at the eminent college to show business and specialized composition and presently, I am working as an educator, writer, and creator. I am unimaginably social, and I love to travel and investigate the world.

Address: 4132 Spring Haven Trail
Livingston, NJ 07039, United States of America

Phone Number:  +1 973 740-0970

Email: Maria@firstnewsclick.com


Edwin Oliver –Health and Biotech

My name is Edwin Oliver, I am 30 years of age, am an industrialist rather than a writer for First Coast News, I need to grab the eye of my group of readers without sounding excessively dry and boring. I am the kind of individual who treasures his extra time by composing/expressing my thoughts for my group of readers. My writing areas of interests are not kept to a particular field, I composed/write on numerous topics, however, health and biotech articles are forever my top pick. I love to communicate through inventive modes, for example, drawing, singing, and composing. I love to spend my free time with my adored cat, resting or by playing my computer games.

Address: 1875 Tully Street
Dearborn, MI 48126, United States of America

Phone Number:  +1 313 619 3414

Email: Edwin@firstnewsclick.com


Patricia Underwood –Technology and Energy

I am Patricia Underwood with over 6 years of involvement with the market exchange industry and First Coast News. I am enthusiastic about Business and technology news, began my vocation as a writer, later climbing my way into senior positions. I view myself as the spine/glue behind the achievement and development of first news click and grow the connections of the business on a worldwide scale. I am likewise a benefactor and a supervisor of the healthcare category. I encountered a critical investigation of organizations and extricated the most imperative data for our network readers.


Address: 4220 Graystone Lakes
Cadwell, GA 31009, United States of America

Phone Number:  +1 478 689 4911

Email: Patricia@firstnewsclick.com


Rickey Bryan–Finance Daily

My name is Rickey Bryan, and I am the main writer behind the”First Coast News Team” for the ground-breaking and most fragile bits of knowledge into the most recent news in the finance sector or world news updates. I began my voyage of work as an autonomous investment advisor. I had around 4 years of involvement experience in this field. I am a free soul so; my energy for investigating the world has taken me to the countries over the globe and allowed me to report on the best news affiliations. At present, I am a full-time manager as experienced in the account and began to utilize my capacities.

Address: 3361 Bridge Avenue
Roanoke, LA 70581, United States of America

Phone Number:  +1 337 753 0612

Email: Rickey@firstnewsclick.com


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