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Chris Wick is a Contributor to First News, World News and US Report, and also Science and Souls Wellness. Chris is Chief Editor now, with over 17 years of experience on the Information Highway. He loves to contribute to this website as well as numerous others, subjects from Current News Events and Politics, as you can see, he can’t sit still in one place. Oh, and he loves coffee! follow him on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/chriswicknews

Email: Originalchriswick@Gmail.com


Maria Ray –Business Stories

I am Maria Ray I have finished my four-year college education in English writing and I hold a master’s degree in Business from Stanford University. Writing about business and finance is my interest. I have five-years of experience which incorporates articles, web substances, and web journals for First Coast News. I take love in both my profession and the education field.  I additionally have teaching experience of 2 years at the eminent college to show business and specialized composition and presently, I am working as an educator, writer, and creator. I am unimaginably social, and I love to travel and investigate the world.

Address: 4132 Spring Haven Trail
Livingston, NJ 07039, United States of America

Phone Number:  +1 973 740-0970

Email: Maria@firstnewsclick.com


Edwin Oliver –Health and Biotech

My name is Edwin Oliver, I am 30 years of age, am an industrialist rather than a writer for First Coast News, I need to grab the eye of my group of readers without sounding excessively dry and boring. I am the kind of individual who treasures his extra time by composing/expressing my thoughts for my group of readers. My writing areas of interests are not kept to a particular field, I composed/write on numerous topics, however, health and biotech articles are forever my top pick. I love to communicate through inventive modes, for example, drawing, singing, and composing. I love to spend my free time with my adored cat, resting or by playing my computer games.

Address: 1875 Tully Street
Dearborn, MI 48126, United States of America

Phone Number:  +1 313 619 3414

Email: Edwin@firstnewsclick.com


Patricia Underwood –Technology and Energy

I am Patricia Underwood with over 6 years of involvement with the market exchange industry and First Coast News. I am enthusiastic about Business and technology news, began my vocation as a writer, later climbing my way into senior positions. I view myself as the spine/glue behind the achievement and development of first news click and grow the connections of the business on a worldwide scale. I am likewise a benefactor and a supervisor of the healthcare category. I encountered a critical investigation of organizations and extricated the most imperative data for our network readers.


Address: 4220 Graystone Lakes
Cadwell, GA 31009, United States of America

Phone Number:  +1 478 689 4911

Email: Patricia@firstnewsclick.com


Rickey Bryan–Finance Daily

My name is Rickey Bryan, and I am the main writer behind the”First Coast News Team” for the ground-breaking and most fragile bits of knowledge into the most recent news in the finance sector or world news updates. I began my voyage of work as an autonomous investment advisor. I had around 4 years of involvement experience in this field. I am a free soul so; my energy for investigating the world has taken me to the countries over the globe and allowed me to report on the best news affiliations. At present, I am a full-time manager as experienced in the account and began to utilize my capacities.

Address: 3361 Bridge Avenue
Roanoke, LA 70581, United States of America

Phone Number:  +1 337 753 0612

Email: Rickey@firstnewsclick.com


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